The strange thing about my dreams is that they usually come true.

Before I am much older then this, dear reader, I want to do several things. I have little doubt in my mind that I shall -- this sort of illogical optimism is perhaps the great byproduct of dreams, for although I am present-centric, I am intensely motivated by the future.

So what do I live for, beyond the present moment? Well, someday soon I shall travel the globe from hemisphere to hemisphere, wandering without a single destination. All seven pounds of my office (minus the bench) will come with me, and the cash generated from my country-hopping design stints will (in theory) fuel my continuing expeditions. Global Roaming Access will keep me networked for less then you'd expect, and I shall see the world. I have never been outside of North America before. This is perhaps my brightest dream, and I am about 50% to completion.

Here at the homeland, I would also like to own my own wilderness Cabin. Not a mansion, just a cabin, of my own, somewhere lost. Still easy for my friends to find, for I would like to see them often. But Lear Jets... I don't really want to add those to the list, they're a bit snobbish. Canadian-made, though. Can't forget that.

And inside the forest cabin, literal thousands spent on audio equipment. Vinyl & MiniDisc, the only sensible formats out there, paired with vacuum tube preamps, elitist speakers, and an admittedly insatiable appetite for new music. Which naturally leads to...

A radio station?? Yes. Someday I will own a radio station... um, or at least a vested interest. It will be a joint effort, with some of the most musically-centric people I know: my friends. I know the name, but I can't tell you until we launch. This is a later project -- twin decades away even. FM plus RA, and we'd broadcast from right here, on the perimeter of nowhere.

Something with a band, too. Music is simply too important for me to leave alone... ten years in a choir (soprano to bass?) may have had something to do with it. I have three potential names, an unexplained finesse behind the microphone, and two boxes full of scribbled lyrics, some of which can make people cry...

These too are my words, and I would like to publish. A sooner dream, perhaps within the next five years. A small book... I have a potential title. I've made many quirky expressions, while acting the journalist, the poet, the webmaster, the freelance, the pundit, and on... whether or not they have commercial merit is the million-dollar question, but to see myself in print would be a ridiculous delight.

A Walk Along St. Joseph, by April White

This watercolour original is one of my proudest possessions, and not just because of the title. It is the gap between those trees, the faded distance beyond... I am forever entranced by the thought of what's "just ahead". In the endless exploration of my life, this wayward wondering thought sums up my worldview completely. If those steps were mine, they would cut a scampering trail along the shore and into those misty hills beyond, eternally taken with the delight of the journey, and the wonder of what lies ahead.

Top Image: Sunset over Vancouver Island Mountains, Inversed Colour. Joseph McLean, September 1998.