Moving around this site should in the best of times be like walking through a forest at midnight under a full moon, a forest that you have grown up in and know like the back of your hand (or... the front of mine?). For those of you who somehow managed *not* to grow up in a forest, here's what to expect at night: you can always find your way, but nothing is exactly as it appears. The smallest paths lead to great clearings, while the largest route may wind up going in circles. Which isn't bad, so long as you like circles. But yes, while travel is assured, destination remains a bit of a mystery (joe-life alert here). And should you return another night... not everything will be the same.

Because of this, there can be no proper map. There are instead fifteen directions from the front page (which really is a high-res scan of my left hand from years ago), directions that will lead you... on? Back? Astray? Well, it's you & me. What you think and where you go is quite beyond my control, which is (as I pretend to know) one of the distinctions of true art.

Mind you, the physical is much easier. Here is where I am -->

Whether or not a self-centred autobiographical soft-screened remixed expression of my creative and curious nature masquerading as a webpage could be described as "art" is a question best left to you. As a smart man once said, "Art is anything you can get away with". I guess he was an artist too. Myself, I write and write and I do not know. Whether or not you're inspired, impressed or entertained makes the subtle difference between art and webtrash.

In the event of disorientation, please walk towards the light.