Last Update: September 19, in plain view of you all

4:22pm April 23
I do believe I'm... thawing out. That's a highly subjective term for a city that seldom dips below freezing temperatures, but grey days and early nights have finally given way to the sparkling days of spring. West Coast life rocks.

11:47pm December 17
I'm feeling that odd kind of relaxed peacefulness, kind of like Christmas is supposed to inspire. Sure, my roof leaks, and when the wind blows strong out of the Northwest, it comes clean through the walls of my heritage home. And sure, this year is difficult for money, as was the last. But if that's all I have to complain about, I'm not doing too badly at all. Perhaps, just this once, it's time to take a breath and slow down?

1:20pm October 6
Google finished indexing us yesterday and the very first search query has come in. Apparently, our trendsetter was searching for... "the joseph hero".

Hope I don't dissapoint.

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