I am on fire, I am burning bright I am haloed softly by the sweet decay of light I am breathing memory, I am laying stone I am beside the world tonight, and I am on my own I am blowing dust and feathers, I am carving dreams I am lost in mindless wonder, I am tattered at the seams I am blinking in the twilight, I am flying free I am yours and I am mine and together we shall be I am spent five times in sorrow, and in sorrow five times more I am bruised and I am lying broken on this shore I am young and I am laughing, I am old and sore I am a slip of contradiction, I'm spinning on this floor I am shrouded in my glory and I am shamed with truth I am lasting fading glowing living, I am final proof I am etched upon the midnight sky, I am trampled 'neath your feet I am leaves blown west with wayward wind, I'm rainbows above sleet I am windows to another time, I am a shade of grey I am wasted by the ticking clock, I'm one last fateful day I am on fire burning bright with all my unsaid words... A distant flicker in the night, just waiting to be heard.