This starts under five tons of concrete, soil and water as we drive through the deese island tunnel, eastbound under an anonymous night. Sometimes there are jumbles of thoughts inside of me along these streets of darkness, and sometimes I bring a computer. This is one of those coincidences that end up changing the world. Tonight, it just changes a few bytes from "0" to "1" and back again, but such is life.

The jumbled thoughts I have are spelled out from a half scene of a comedy about male strippers. But it could have been any movie, for the spark did not come from any daft brits trying to pull a full monty. It came from a filler between scenes, a slowcut. Our men were resting on some dirty green grass under a pale blue sky, and I thought, look, that's like me. That's my life, right over there, in a metaphorical sense. And my companions to the right & left of me are mankind. Perhaps. No really, there we are, under the same sky, idealists all (more or less). But the grass isn't entirely green any more, not with what we know. Still, lying there, you can't help but realise that the world is very large and altogether wonderful providing you don't screw up. Sometimes I think about how close I've come to doing just that... to messing up my life for good, and the joy of retrospective avoidance is enough to almost forgive the foolishness that lead to the threat in the first place. But we always underestimate life, don't we... until we slip. And then it's mainly luck and dexterity that determines how far we fall. My advice, if you're asking, is to have some friends around to catch you. But this is a website, not a Hallmark card, so don't mind me. You will fall, of course. We all do. The trick is too get up.